Speciality Services

We have trained our team on specialty care for certain conditions

At Heritage Home Health, we have several specialty services and programs that allow us to care for certain conditions

We provide compassionate, highly specialized care in a home setting. We have several specialty services and programs with care services available for your loved ones. Our committed team is specifically trained in the areas of patient care listed below. Our goal is to keep your loved ones safely at home for as long as possible, while maintaining the highest quality of life. Support is provided to the family, as well.

Cardiac Care

For individuals suffering from heart failure (CHF), high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and/or other related heart problems.

Our cardiac program includes:

  • CHF Risk Zones for Clinical Management
  • Patient Education Booklet
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Cardiac Support Tools

Diabetes Care

For individuals with diabetes or diabetic complications.

Our diabetes program includes:

  • Diabetes Care Plan
  • Risk Zones for Clinical Management
  • Diabetes Support Tools
  • Lifestyle Changes – Healthy Eating Guide
  • Blood Sugar Tracker

Orthopedic Care

For individuals recovering from all orthopedic surgeries, including hip fracture, knee fracture, hip replacement/surgery, knee replacement/surgery and other surgeries.

Our joint replacement rehabilitation program includes:

  • Therapy Care Plan
  • Risk Zones for Clinical Management
  • Exercise Programs and Tools
  • Patient Self-Care Workbook

Wound Care

In the case that a patient has a wound from causes ranging from surgery to trauma.

Wound Care:

  • Surgical wound care
  • Traumatic wound care
  • Ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and stasis ulcers
  • Vascular wound care
  • Non-healing wound care
  • Infected wound care
  • Complex wound care
  • Wound vacs


For individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments.

Our dementia program includes:

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care Plan
  • Risk Zones for Clinical Management
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Education and Memory Exercises
  • Pain Assessment

Neurological Care

For individuals suffering from any type of neurological symptoms.


  • Care for stroke patient recovery
  • Parkinson’s care plans
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurological and seizure disorders
  • Alzheimers/dementia care
  • Depression and anxiety

Respiratory Care

For individuals with respiratory care needs, including COPD, pneumonia, emphysema and other pulmonary-related diagnosed illnesses, sleep apnea and oxygen therapy.

Our C.O.P.D. program includes:

  • C.O.P.D. Care Plan
  • Risk Zones for Clinical Management
  • C.O.P.C. Support Tools
  • Patient Self-Care Workbook
  • Medication Education

Other services provided

  • Medication management
  • Assessment and teaching of medication administration, interactions, effectiveness, side effects, and compliance
  • Administer/Instruct on injections, needle safety
  • Anticoagulant education and monitoring
  • IV Therapy/Picc Lines
  • Care and education on IV access sites
  • IV medication administration
  • Antibiotics
  • TPN (Tube Feeding)
  • Therapy Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy